In Memoriam
Roswhita Flury

"Rossy, We always miss you!"

When you think of me, don't be sad.
Tell dear to me and dares you to laugh quietly
Let me a place between you as I had him in my life.
It's hard to lose a loved one,
but it's comforting to know,
how much love, friendship and respect
was shown him.

"Rossy, you are in our hearts!"

Thank you say all that is in this mourning
conected with felt and their sympathy to so
various ways gave expression.

"Rossy, a great friend"

A thank you also to those who accompanied them on the last away
was her ashes according to their desire to pass in their homeland Mexico the sea.
Roswitha, we thank you for your happiness, your cordiality and your friendship,
Vintages gutters and year 1956 predecessor.