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We offer daily trips to the most spectacular coral formations in Cozumel for snorkel.
"Shallow Colombia"

This reef have a depth of 25 feet, with spectacular towers of coral formations that grow just a few feet from the water's surface. It has a multitude of marine life, including parrot fish, blue tang, gray snapper, angel fish, sea turtles, eagle rays and sharks, and also anemones, brain coral, sea fans and much more.

"Palancar Gardens"

This one is part of the world famous Palancar barrier reef at a depth 25 feet. We will be snorkeling on top of the edge of the wall, with the coral reef on one side, and the deep blue of the abyss on the other, where towers of coral more than 100 feet can be seen.

"El Cielo"

We will visit "Starfish Sanctuary" with hundreds of starfish at the depth of 10 feet and then stop at the sandbars of "El Cielo" for some relaxation on these shallow, sandy areas in the middle of El Cielo bay.

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